Salvana Ihtisham

My love for gardening took seed as I grew up on the outskirts of a small fishing village in the far-flung suburbs of Mumbai. Our lush garden across the Arabian Sea was full of coconut trees, Bougainvillea, Jasmines, wildflowers, and all kinds of animals ranging from chameleons to snakes. I was in awe of the diversity around me, and I learned to respect nature and the importance of the ecosystem. As I stepped out of childhood and into the hectic pace of a career, family & responsibilities, the fascination and love for nature always burned deep inside of me.

I harbored and nurtured this desire to grow healthy & chemical-free food for my friends and family and create a natural and safe habitat for animals. After years of working on this passion project, I am finally able to share with you a slice of my dream in the form of Microgreens, grown organically with love, care, and pride.

It has been a long journey – one that I never want to end. My hope is many of you will join me along the way, enjoy, share, and inspire me to do more.

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Most frequent questions and answers
Microgreens are young and tender edible seedlings of herbs and vegetables harvested when the first true leaves emerge, typically between seven to fourteen days. At this stage, the young seedlings are packed with nutrients and therefore consuming them in small quantities will give you large health benefits. Microgreens are quickly gaining popularity among consumers and are acclaimed for their freshness and health promoting properties. These tender greens enhance human diet and enrich it with sharp colors and flavors and are touted as the new emerging “superfood.”
If you are an avid believer of consuming a healthy and nutrient dense diet, then Microgreens fit the criteria. Microgreens offer spectacular health benefits as they are dense in nutrients and trace minerals. The daunting task of eating 6-7 servings per day of fruits and veggies to obtain the required nutrition deters the most enthusiastic health fanatic. Microgreens can deliver the same amount and sometimes more nutrition in much smaller quantities
“Microgreens have larger concentrations of phenolics, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins than present in fully developed green or seeds and hence recognized as functional foods consisting of health improving or ailment prevention characteristics apart from their nutritional benefits. These are well recognizing as good carrier of biologically active components” (Mir et al., 2017.) “USDA National Nutrient Database for fully grown vegetable leaves, vitamin and antioxidant values varied and it was approximated that values measured in microgreens were up to 40 times more than those reported for fully grown vegetable leaves “(Xiao et al., 2012.)

Toss them in salads or Sprinkle them on soups! Garnish your meals or add to your favorite
sandwiches. Add more nutritional value to your meals with a small serving of microgreens!

Let's try to make this easier for you. Here are a few popular ones and their profiles.